From the Ashes:
Legends Never Die

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When the swords are sheathed, the dead are counted, and the head is crowned, heroes step back into the shadows. Their destinies fulfilled, some may rest in the accolades of their fame while others drink their nightmares into silence.

But when a hero retires and their purpose is lost, how will they find their way forward? Will their lives end in the glorious triumph of battle? In the gutter with the rats? Or can old legends learn new tricks and embrace a different destiny?

With stories that span the spectrum of lighthearted and humorous to the depths of decay and despair, this anthology explores what happens when a hero must once more rise from the ashes...

From the Shadows:
Villainous Tales of Dark Lords, Despots, and Devils

Brought to you by the authors of Indie Fantasy Addicts


I thought I would be the hero. Instead, I became the villain. 

They curse me, call me ruthless, insane, unhinged… a monster. 

But is life so black and white?

What if they took the time to understand my motivations? Would they still condemn me if they recognized the same monster lurking inside themselves?


There’s a villain inside us all. Unhinge yourself from reality and walk with me into the darkness. 

If you dare…